Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nerd Out

So I had a bit of fun today.

I out nerded a dude that works in a comic book store.


Yeah so I was perusing in the store and I found two new Neil Gaiman books (children's ones, not even a comic) and one was on a really tall shelf so I had this guy get it down for me. He ended up checking me out at the counter. (not checking me out per se...even though he could have been)

So he told me he was always meaning to read the Sandman series the Gaiman wrote years back and he asked where would be a good place to start with the Gaiman world. I told him that you can't go wrong with Sandman as these themes throughout a lot of his books.

He then asked me if I knew that he had just written a Batman book and I said yes, I know "Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?" which I own and was fantastic. H told me cool and he asked if I knew about the artist who did the covers to the Sandman series, and I said sure, Dave McKean. Did I know about Arkham Asylum that he did? Oh yes, I say, and I own that as well.

I then told him I owned all of the Sandman, several novels, a few movies based on those, his children's books, an autobiography, and the biography about Douglas Adams he wrote.

The guy behind the counter seemed pretty put out that he couldn't turn me on into any new Gaiman material.

I thought it was hilarious.

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