Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Design a Building

House by ~SyntheticPlatypus on deviantART

Design a Building.

Dear god do I hate 2-pt perspective. I never really realized it until I had to do this card for my "Creative Grab Bag" series. But oh. my. goodness. I will never be an architect.

It all started innocent enough. I had a hard time coming up with an idea at first. But then I came up with this:

What happens if I took a traditional (and old) Arizonan house updated it to modern times and stuck it in the mid-west using materials commonly found there instead of AZ?

So yay, I had my idea. Then I say, "now why don't I do this traditionally? No computer for me! I don't want to do everything computer or traditional, I want to experiment with both!"

I am not a smart person sometimes.

So, I get the big bristol board paper out, the 11" x 17" and my ruler. I pencil it all in and ink it. Took days. Then I decide to watercolor it. That is when I messed up.

That's right folks, messed it up BEYOND REPAIR. Traditional work. No ctrl-z or apple-z to undo.

In my white hot rage I recall ripping it in half. After the dearest hubby calms me down a bit I settle and begin again. Same way, changing up the design a bit, and correcting mistakes I noticed on the first one.

Penciled it. Inked it. Decided to do graphic markers in all grey-scale.

This has turned out much better.

Evan had suggested I just call this one a failed creative experience and get a new card. But I said no, because I am determined to have a whole series of artworks from this. I got back on my horse after my hissy fit and began again.

I have a feeling this may happen again.


  1. Y'know, every time I look at this piece, it evokes a feeling of the 1950s from me, and I'm not sure why. It isn't the house style. My best guess is that your use of the grey-scale reminds me of B&W media from that era (the last time it was the standard).

  2. I can see that actually. The linear style too. I didn't even notcie!