Saturday, February 4, 2012

P.F. Chang's Half Marathon Recap

So I ran my first official half marathon on January 15th. The race was awesome and I wanted to write about that day. So let's start at packet pick-up the previous day on January 14th.

Connie and I drove to Phoenix to the convention center (the very same convention center that Phoenix Comic-Con is at!) At the start I got my race number off a board and went inside to turn in everything to pick up my actual bib and shoe chip. We then meandered in further where I got to get a technical shirt (actually very nice to run in and have run in it several times) and a swag bag (lots of neat free stuff, plus the bag is awesome for carting around my laptop). We walked around and got lots of free samples (Larabars = AWESOME AND DELICIOUS) and bought some things as well. I got this water backpack for my marathon and I've been using it while training and it really holds a ton of snacks and water. The expo was really fun and it was really interesting to see all the different runners and what they were buying. I also registered for real time facebook updates as I was completing the race (which didn't work!) and had fun in general. Our friend Rochel met up with us and we met up with another friend, Rebekah, and her friend who was running the full marathon (jealousy!). After we all had walked around a bit we left for lunch and then headed home.