About Me

Currently, 26 year old Synthetic Platypus (aka Sara Duffield) lives and works in the wondrous desert valley that is Phoenix, Arizona. She grew up in the ghetto cornfields of Detroit, Michigan and after several winters that seemed to never end, she graduated college and hightailed it to the land of everlasting summer. She is happily married now for 2 years with a dog, house, and even a white picket fence (albeit it's in the backyard separating the dog from the chickens (YES chickens, shush)). 

She teaches by day (what does she teach? Art!) and lives her life by night and weekends meticulously planning goals and achieving them.

What kind of goals? ALL KINDS OF THEM. She is working on a webcomic that updates weekly, she is training for a marathon, and she is focusing on what her priorities in life really are. There are so many things going on and that is why one of those goals is this blog you are reading to document her progress and failings and thoughts about this wacky thing called existence.