Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodwill: The Skirts

Here is the 2nd post about my Goodwill fashion sense and clothing (Scroll down to the next blog if you haven't seen my first post!). In this blog we'll be looking at skirts I have bought at Goodwill and how I wear them. I do want to note that these are not all of the skirts that I own from Goodwill, over the course of styling and taking the photographs I had to make the decision to get rid of six(!) skirts. Three of the skirts didn't even make the initial cut, they were cute but I never figured out how to wear 2 of them and one hit me in the middle of my shins and made me look dowdy. Two more made it into the photos but upon looking AT the photos...those skirts did nothing for me. The last skirt was one of my favorites but it's a size too big and kept slipping down 3-4 inches making it very frumpy, so it went with the other.

Also: I had to start taking pictures inside the house, summer in Arizona, have to love it being over 100 degrees by 9 am.

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