Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodwill: The Skirts

Here is the 2nd post about my Goodwill fashion sense and clothing (Scroll down to the next blog if you haven't seen my first post!). In this blog we'll be looking at skirts I have bought at Goodwill and how I wear them. I do want to note that these are not all of the skirts that I own from Goodwill, over the course of styling and taking the photographs I had to make the decision to get rid of six(!) skirts. Three of the skirts didn't even make the initial cut, they were cute but I never figured out how to wear 2 of them and one hit me in the middle of my shins and made me look dowdy. Two more made it into the photos but upon looking AT the photos...those skirts did nothing for me. The last skirt was one of my favorites but it's a size too big and kept slipping down 3-4 inches making it very frumpy, so it went with the other.

Also: I had to start taking pictures inside the house, summer in Arizona, have to love it being over 100 degrees by 9 am.

Picture heavy post after the jump!


 Skirt: Goodwill: The skirt is lined an shimmery, I feel like I'm in water when wearing it.
Shirt: Goodwill: Grey and Button down, the buttons are fabric covered, giving it a more polished feel.
Cardigan: Goodwill: The buttons are clear plastic flowers, they look like glass.
Belt: Goodwill: Velvety
Shoes: Nordstroms: Born Brand

Brooch: Estate Sale: From my parents
Earrings: Defunct Seller on Etsy

Monotone Flower Power
Skirt: Goodwill: It's a stretchy jersey fabric that hangs well
White Shirt: Goodwill: The silver part of the design sparkles
Layering Tank: Whole Foods: They have THE best tank tops. So comfortable and really not that expensive.
Shoes: Walmart
Scarf: TJ Max: I was specifically looking for a black, white, and red scarf to go with a t-shirt for work a few years ago, I don't work at that school anymore but I still love the scarf.

Scarf Pin: Estate Sale: From My parents
Earrings: Defunct Etsy Seller: Oxen! I was born the year of the ox.

 Twirl and Twirlability
 Skirt: Goodwill: Not going to lie, purely chosen for how it twirls. LOOK AT IT.
Tank Top: White House Black Market: I love this store, I don't buy things from it often but when I do I have no regrets.
Shrug: Geek Girl Clothing Swap: Nothing like free. Super soft and it's cashmere.
Shoes: Nordstroms: Born Brand

Brooch: Estate Sale: Picked out by my Father
Earrings: Von Maur: Oh goodness I wish we had these out here, it is the only store credit card that I own. I used to buy all of my clothes in MI from this place.

Prep Daze
 Skirt: Goodwill: Hangs flat and is a nice navy color, it doesn't hang on my legs and is very airy.
Shirt: Goodwill: Fake layered shirt, the green caught my eye and the rouching doesn't hit in a weird spot which usually happens in these types of shirts.
Cardigan: Goodwill: This is my favorite sweater, I wear it quite a bit and it has held up well for being two years old and from Goodwill
Shoes: Walmart
Earrings: Comic Convention: LIGHT SABERS, how could I not buy them?

Golden Girl

 Skirt: Goodwill: I love the gold threading on this skirt, this was one where I was surprised when I bought it, it's so nice. It was also too tight and I couldn't wear it for a while but vowed I would get in it. I just couldn't pass it up. Now I wear it freely!
Shirt: Goodwill: Bought for a different skirt that didn't make the cut, a nice yellow polo that went better with this skirt than the shirt I had for this skirt!
Belt: Buffalo Exchange: Bought when I bought a fun tunic, the belt that came with the tunic was FUGLY.
Shoes: Macy's: Reefs brand

Scarf: Birthday Present from my friend, Connie, straight from India
Earrings: Birthstone Studs from my Folks.

Red Delicious
 Skirt: Goodwill: This is a winter skirt, it's fully lines and thick, paired with tights it is awesome down here during the cooler months.
Shirt: Downeast Basics: Just a plain 3/4 length sleeve shirt.
Shoes: Nordstroms: Borns

Scarf: Downeast Basics: It was on sale and bought on a whim. This became one of my favorite scarfs this winter.
Earrings: Victoria, Canada: Gotten on my honeymoon.

We Be Jammin'
 Skirt: Goodwill: I was on a mission to buy some jean skirts. I haven't owned jean skirts in years. It was time to re-introduce this concept to my wardrobe!
Shirt: Goodwill: I'm a poser, I don't listen to Bob Marley, but I loved the design on the shirt and the pink fabric has a worn-retro look to it. It's also super soft and comfy.
Shoes: Nordstroms: Born Brand

Earrings: Comic Convention: I have a black and pink SuperGirl Symbol hat too.

 Skirt: Goodwill: This is my pride and joy right here. When shopping for jean skirts I picked this baby up on a whim, front pockets, silk lined, and dark denim stretch. I don't usually worry about brand names but I looked this one up the morning after I bought it out of curiosity. They carry this brand at Anthropologie and this skirt was originally almost $200. I got it for five. I told everyone I knew that day and now I have told the interwebs.
Shirt: Goodwill: An odd cut with the tight bottom, but I love how it hangs and it almost seems to be made to be worn with that skirt.
Shoes: Walmart

Earrings: Defunct Etsy Seller: They are chickens with eggs. That is all.

I hope you all enjoyed this second post about my Goodwill clothing as much as you enjoyed the first. It is super fun to do these mini photo shoots and write about my clothes. I still have quite a bit of Goodwill clothing to show, so more posts to come!

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