Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodwill: The Dresses

I have a confession...I love shopping at Goodwill. There. Go ahead and attach whatever stigma you have to shopping there to me because I LOVE SHOPPING AT GOODWILL. GO AHEAD AND JUDGE. *ahem* The biggest reason I started shopping at Goodwill is because of my profession. I'm sorry, I'm not going to buy a 50 dollar pair of pants and then get ink or paint on them from my students. It would be wasteful and I just can't justify that. Anyways, I got an idea to pick a blog post theme a month and I decided I would document my outfits that I specifically bought from Goodwill. Yes, there might be stuff I'm wearing not from Goodwill but the main pieces are from there and I wanted to show that with a little bit of shopping perseverance and a good eye for colors and patterns that you can create outfits that: A) Are stylish and cute and B) Don't look like you got them from Goodwill!

Warning: Picture Heavy Post after the jump!

Summer Lovin'

Dress: Goodwill: This dress is awesome because it has pockets and the heart motif is flirty and fun. Even though it's flouncy it doesn't spring up in the wind and it keeps me super cool in the AZ summers.
Sweater: Dillards Clearance: Originally bought and worn for my wedding :)
Belt: Buffalo Exchange: Also was worn with a pink belt that came with a skirt from White House Black Market.
Shoes: I've had them since I lived in MI, I don't remember.
Earrings: Dia de Los Muertos Festival 2011

Flirty Fun
 Dress: Goodwill: I picked out this dress to replace a more expensive dress that I LOVED but could no longer wear when I dropped weight. It had a bright and fun floral pattern like this.  I love the A-Line skirt portion and it hits me right at a perfect point on my knees.
Shoes: Skechers: 2 yrs ago (Evan picked them out!)
Earrings: Pearl Studs, from my Mother
Necklace: Garage Sale Jewelry: I don't go very often but when I was younger I had quite the costume jewelry collection. I weeded out the atrocious and kept the more simpler pieces.

Yellow Crush
 Dress: Goodwill: I was really unsure when I bought this dress, I LOVE the color but was really nervous about the cut, while I haven't yet had the chance to wear this one out in public yet, I can't wait to do so.
Shoes: Skechers
Earrings: Cortina Festival
Brooch: Estate Sale from my Mother

Fit to be Tied
Dress: Goodwill: I got this dress because I loved the unconventional ties on the sides instead of the usual on the back. Plus, you can never go wrong with a green and brown pallet
Sweater: Goodwill: I love sweaters, I have several that I have bought from Goodwill and they keep me just as warm as regular priced ones.
Shoes: Nordstroms: I tend to not skimp on the shoes since I stand for the better part of my day. These are Born brand and probably cost me 90 bucks.

Earrings: Freebie set from another order of earrings from a now defunct store on Etsy.


 Dress: Goodwill: This dress is a very recent addition and I love it. It's so soft and comfy and I wore it with a blue t-shirt underneath to work and it was like wearing pjs to work. Also have been worn with blue ballet flats.
Shawl: I believe a relative crocheted this in the 70's.
Shoes: Still can't remember
Earrings: From the Russia store in Alaska! Bought on the honeymoon.

Blue Moon
 Dress: Goodwill: I always loved white with blue prints and this 50's inspired dress with the peekaboo nylon hemline would be perfect for afternoon tea.
Scarf: Estate sale from my Mother
Shoes: Nordstroms: another Born pair.
Earrings: Comic Convention: LEGOS

Artsy Teacher
 Dress: Goodwill: A simple purple tunic dress with a tie back and tuxedo styling on the front. I pair it with the scarf to break up the PURPLE. It's a lot of purple, it's also shiny.
Leggings: Sams Club: Came in a two pack with brown or grey!
Scarf: Antique Mall: This scarf is colored pencils and pencil shavings! I went to this Antique mall twice and bought it the second time, I just kept looking at it and succumbed to temptation. In Chandler, I love this place and it usually takes me 2 hours to go through the store when I go, so much to look at!
Shoes: Walmart Special
Earrings: Cortina Festival

Life of the Party
 Dress: Goodwill: I don't normally go for empire waist dresses but the hemline was short enough where it doesn't look like I'm pregnant and it lays pretty flat. It ties in the back for added shape.
Headband: Forever 21: It's flouncy!
Shoes: Nordstroms: Born Brand.
Earrings: Now defunct store that was in the mall by my house. They're people made out of paperclips!

A More Somber Look
 Dress: Goodwill: Not my usual bright and cheery colors but I love the shaping and the fabric on this dress. Its heavier so it hangs nicely and the bodice is fitted just perfect.
Shoes: Nordstroms, Born again
Brooch: Estate Sale from my Mother
Earrings: Present from my Parents

Purple Passions
 Dress: Goodwill: I have always wanted a button down dress but they are not usually cut for my somewhat ample hips, this dress with made with pockets so I think that's why they left it looser on the bottom. Plus the cinch tie waist is sublime for adding that hourglass shape.
Shoes: Nordstroms, Born brand...noticing a trend?
Earrings: From My Grandmother. She has a thing for strawberries. I love these ones because they aren't red so they usually surprise people and elicits a response from them.

Everybody Polka!
 Dress: Goodwill: One of my favorite dresses. Bright, flirty, fun, POLKA DOTS. It has a tie back for shape, an A-line skirt for twirlability, and a v-cut front that is teacher friendly. I heart this dress.
Shoes: Nordstoms, Born Brand
 Earrings: Birthday gift from a few years ago from my good friend Kayleigh. I wear these earrings quite a bit because of all the different colors in them, they go with a lot of things.

I hope you enjoyed this post and these looks! There will be a few more Goodwill posts coming in the next few weeks. I am having too much fun doing this. :D


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun creating this entry! Great fashion choices, too! :)

    1. I had a ton of fun, I already have the outfits for the next post planned. :) And thank you! I really do try to look somewhat fashionable.

  2. I love you Sara! You're so quirky... And awesome. ;)

    1. Being quirky and awesome just goes hand in hand, Breann :)