Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy News

I'm engaged!




I had the most perfect weekend with the most perfect guy ever.


We went to a work party (his) at the Mondrian...this place is a hotel with restaurants and clubs...very ritzy and very surreal. The party started in the white room and literally everything was white. There was an open bar where I enjoyed a couple Tom Collins which after sipping several other people's drinks I found that the Tom Collins was the way to go.

I was quite the social butterfly, talking to many of Evan's co-workers, joking with them, and whatnot. It was nuts, I'm never this talkative.

So after a few hours and me camping out for appetizers coming through the door we were moved to the Red room and true to it's name it was all red. The thumping techno music was the perfect background to the random girl painting in the room and then the dancer who pranced on a glowing table and was doing handstands and backbends and dancing on the ceiling.


We spent the night on the tab of the company (thanks!) and we woke up, ate some delicious breakfast and went to out next destination which was secret.

It turned out to be the Hyatt in Scottsdale. It was GORGEOUS. Sprawling lush grass, full grown palms, acres of pools and spas, and extravagant rooms.

We pranced around the Hyatt for awhile. Literally, they had an ipod tour that we listened and followed. We found a pond, and then the massive amounts of koi, we took a dip in the hot tub under cascading aqueducts, and went to see the new disney film The Princess and the Frog. A good film, but not the best in Disney history.

Then we came back and got dressed for dinner and went to this SWB, South West Bistro where we sat in front of a fire and enjoyed chicken and asparagus. After the Bistro I was led to something very cool that we saw on the tour...a gondola ride!

Real gondolas from Venice with Gondoliers that were hired for their wonderful voices and not for their driving gondola skills. They were trained on the job. So, it was dark and the lake was uber quiet and so peaceful. We hopped in a gondola that was covered in tea lights and given a blanket to cuddle under. So we were paddled to the middle of this lake and our gondolier started to sing an italian love song about this guy who loved his girls beautiful lips and just wanted to kiss them all the time. So in the middle of the song Evan gets up and gets on one knee and he proposes! Very short, very sweet, "Sara, will you marry me?" and I'm freaking out saying "Of course!"

It was very romantic.

We got back into the dock and we went inside and sat down got a drink and listened to some romantic flamenco and Spanish guitar and we retired back to the room and we relaxed.

Then we came home today.

I'm in ecstasy with the happiness factor right now.

and we are in the process of buying a house too.

Hello Future, here I come!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Part I-A Post of Love (a warning!)

The other day Evan said something that made me bug him for a bit before he would let me know. He said that there were tons of tiny reasons why he loves me and why I am perfect for him. He didn't want to tell me any because he didn't want me to feel weird or change anything, but I promised I wouldn't so he told me one. How I say "Aloha" every once in awhile when I answer the phone or when he comes home. It kind of made go, awww.

So it got me thinking...what do I love about Evan? Many things...tiny things that he doesn't notice he does, but that I do.

So...I thought a list would do. Plus, the dear boy says he never reads this thing so I thought it would be good to get my thoughts out. So part one of a long extensive list.

1. Evan tries to load the dishwasher. He can't. At all. He is horrible at it, but the fact that he does and then runs it is heartwarming.

2. Evan is always on the quest for EVERYTHING. I love how he throws himself into research. It just takes over his whole mind.

3. The big laugh he lets out every time we watch an episode of BullShit and Penn says "FUCK!?!!" during his narrative.

4. The way he curls up on the computer chair while he programs. It's cute and almost catlike.

5. Evan hates the lights in the apartment, they're too bright for his eyes and he does everything with the lights off. Showering...shaving...computering...all of it. Is cute.

So here are the first five. There will be more of this eventually!