Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Part I-A Post of Love (a warning!)

The other day Evan said something that made me bug him for a bit before he would let me know. He said that there were tons of tiny reasons why he loves me and why I am perfect for him. He didn't want to tell me any because he didn't want me to feel weird or change anything, but I promised I wouldn't so he told me one. How I say "Aloha" every once in awhile when I answer the phone or when he comes home. It kind of made go, awww.

So it got me thinking...what do I love about Evan? Many things...tiny things that he doesn't notice he does, but that I do.

So...I thought a list would do. Plus, the dear boy says he never reads this thing so I thought it would be good to get my thoughts out. So part one of a long extensive list.

1. Evan tries to load the dishwasher. He can't. At all. He is horrible at it, but the fact that he does and then runs it is heartwarming.

2. Evan is always on the quest for EVERYTHING. I love how he throws himself into research. It just takes over his whole mind.

3. The big laugh he lets out every time we watch an episode of BullShit and Penn says "FUCK!?!!" during his narrative.

4. The way he curls up on the computer chair while he programs. It's cute and almost catlike.

5. Evan hates the lights in the apartment, they're too bright for his eyes and he does everything with the lights off. Showering...shaving...computering...all of it. Is cute.

So here are the first five. There will be more of this eventually!

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