Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jewelry Storage

So this is the pile of jewelry I have decluttered from my accessory storage, this is essentially half of everything, so imagine twice this and then stuffed into a crap 3 drawer plastic storage bin tangled up in baggies. This was my life.

The story of how I fixed it after the jump...
So I;m really tired of not wearing my jewelry. I have some very pretty things but can never find it. The only jewelry I do wear on a consistent basis are my earring because I corralled those tiny suckers way early on:
p.s. I love the container store. 

I do go through the earring fairly often and get rid of things I don't wear. This is actually way fuller than normal, my grandmother left a baggie of earrings with my mother to give to me, I just went through those and added the ones I liked (about half) and got rid of the rest and a few extra that I already owned. This is on my dresser and very easy to access. I wear these things all of the time.

Other jewelry not so much, so today I got rid of....1 lei, 12 buttons and pins, 16 necklaces, 5 bracelets, 10 earrings, 4 rings, 8 necklace charms, 1 scarf pin, 1 sweater clasp, 28 brooches and 1 watch. All in this crap drawer thing, that were in plastic baggies.

See? I wasn't kidding about the baggies.

So now I needed to put every away, well I didn't want to throw everything back into these drawers, I'd be back to where I started so I looked through pinterest to get some ideas (by the way not everyone wants all their crap hanging out to see, I like my stuff put away and pinterest ideas are all about displaying them.)

So I brought into my room a multidrawer container (like 15 mini drawers, usually used to hold screws and whatnot) an egg basket, and 3 egg cartons. I was on to something. I ruled out the egg basket first thing, not going to work at all. I unwrapped the plastic off the minidrawer unit but deemed it useless for my necklaces that left the egg containers...that fit PERFECTLY into the drawers I already was using.
Here's the 3 drawer thing. It really wasn't working but I made it work :D

 So here is the top drawer, I placed the egg carton inside and then put all my smaller brooches (some doubled up) in each egg portion and then I placed the larger pieces in the lid section.

 The middle drawer is necklaces and rings, the chunky necklaces are in the lid as are 3 rings I keep in boxes. Tiny necklaces each have their own slot, and 3 necklace charms share a spot. The rings are each up on the pointed portion on the right, they fit perfectly.

Then the last drawer, this has more kinds of jewelry in it but it fits neatly. There are bracelets in egg slots and some bigger ones in the lid, I have 2 watches in the egg slots, my scarf pin, tie clip, and cardigan clips there too. I have one cardigan clip in the lid, a lid to a box for tiny pins, the box for tiny buttons, and then my large buttons in the back.

I am now in organized jewelry heaven, I rarely wear any of these things since I couldn't get to them or put them away easily so hopefully that will change now!

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