Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So not lately but for the month of May basically (monday-friday) Evan and I decided to eat salad every night. We wanted something healthy and easy because quite frankly by the end of school we were both just absolutely sick of cooking. So we decided on uber salads, because we started going to Sweet Tomotoes and we were basically paying 20 bucks for salad.

So, our salads are so delicious I thought I would share the how-to process of making them. Mind you there is no dairy, soy, or tree nuts because of Evan's allergies.

First we have the basic salad mix. Get actual lettuce and spinach. They have actual vitamins. No iceberg lettuce allowed.

Then I add sliced baby sweet peppers, found at Walmart.

Then open up a can of beets and chop 'em up.

Then a little bit of broccoli. I try to chop near the head because the stalk is just gross.

Then we have super yummy hard-boiled eggs.

Then let us not forget the fungus among us with some mushrooms.


Then I dice up some pickles too. I think dill relish would work fine too, or the pickle chips.

Then some kidney beans or chick peas, either one is suitable.

Then some canned chicken.

Toppings! Salt, Pepper, and some olive oil and vinegar (balsamic, raspberry, red wine, whatever) No ranch dressing here!

Then we have our finished delicious product.

Now, you probably have some toppings that you are wondering where they are at. It's fine to add or substitute ingredients. I personally hate tomatoes, so poor Evan never gets them on his stuff cause I just don't buy them.

If you hate chopping things, a lot of stuff you can buy pre-chopped or take a day like Sunday and chop everything and put it in some tupperware, then you can just quite literally throw it all into a bowl!


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