Sunday, June 27, 2010

Black Condor Vs. Black Condor Inking Commission

Inking Commission by ~SyntheticPlatypus on deviantART

Pencils: Larry Guidry

Inks: Me!

So I won't lie, it was a bit intimidating inking a piece of art drawn by an already established artist. What happens if I messed it up? Luckily, the whole process went as smooth as butter.

I worked in small increments daily, because inking while fun can be a tedious and tiring procedure. Coupled with my fear of screwing up, little bits seemed the way to go.

I worked where I was comfortable first, namely the people. I used several sizes of Sakura Micron Pens in order to keep the detail and vary the thickness of the lines. I used a large black marker for the big areas of black.

The transparency in the human looking Black Condor was difficult, I didn't want everything to look the same in DC, it had to look like something was in front of it, even though the cape was see-through. Uber thin lines and cross hatching the ink pen for shading became my new friend.

The Helmeted Black Condor was a different kind of challenge. In the practice sketch of the cover that Larry Guidry he very much drew the feathered cape that this Black Condor has. I think he forgot to finish it in the final draft cause I had to. Another terror of messing up, drawing and inking my own stuff on someone else's work. Eeek.

I saved Washington DC for last. Which also took the longest. I don't really ever draw landscapes and what a landscape this was! I filled in the darkest areas at first and then worked with my thin pens to fill in the rest of the detail.


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  1. Ah, there you are, comment form! :P

    Is it wrong that the first thought I had when I read this was, "Boy, I am sure glad I didn't tell her that Larry has been published in national magazines since he drew this for me."?

    Point being, I really thought you could do a great job on this piece. No sense in making what was already going to be a challenge even worse by over-intimidating you. You handled each individual aspect like a pro, and came through with flying colors.

    I don't think ANY of this piece fell into your true comfort zone, and you did exemplary work on it. One of my co-workers saw my posting of it on Facebook and couldn't stop raving about it to me today. So yeah, you did a fantastic job.