Monday, May 10, 2010

Dad Ramblings

I know it was Mother's Day yesterday but I texted my dad and it was too hilarious to not share.

So yesterday, I made a clothes line hanging under my back porch roof. Now you ask, "Why on earth would you do that?" Well, because I live in Arizona and it's 97 outside and I am inside using a clothes dryer that doesn't work very well. I was sick of it.

So I made the clothes lines, and took a picture and sent it to my dad. I do these things because I like them to know what is up in my life.

Now mind you my dad is originally from Kentucky, and here is his reply:

"Congrats you are an honorary hillbilly"

to which I say:

"Oh hush. I'm 'green' for the environment."

Dad says:

"Yeah, hillbillies were ahead of their time."



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