Sunday, January 8, 2012

Super Smash Sisters

A few years ago *cough* 2003 *cough* I drew a picture I titled "Super Smash Sistah's" It contained all the female characters in Super Smash Brothers for the GameCube, a game that totally owned me and my brother when we both lived in MI under my parent's roof still. We loved this game. Here is the picture  I drew back then:

So I finally got off my duff this year after a 6 month hiatus of focusing on on nothing but work and the comic art-wise and I drew another Creative Grab Bag card and I drew "Design a Poster" well since I am going to be at two comic conventions this year with a table it would be nice to actually have something to SELL theoretically. So remembering this picture I decided to revisit this idea and make a "Super Smash Sisters" poster using the female characters in Brawl, which includes now zero-suit Samus. Here is my final result:
Super Smash Sisters by ~SyntheticPlatypus on deviantART

So, I'm thinking I've improved a bit, yes? 

If you would like to purchase a poster from me please contact me through comments or e-mail.

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  1. I love seeing this sort of evolution. Good stuff.

    Someday, I'd like to do the same thing with one of the things you did with some of my characters! ^_^