Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biggest Loser


 So every year at my work after the first semester they do a biggest loser contest. Every school in the district (including the district office) gets a team together with 8-12 people. There are weekly weigh-ins done by each school's nurse and it lasts for quite awhile. I have tried to be apart of it the last two years but was sick on the day the invite went out the first time and then next time the team filled up instantaneously and I didn't want to be on the "miscellaneous" team with three other school's teachers.

I got in this year with the school I am at. I'm actually quite excited. While I don't have that much to lose left (like..10 lbs? I'm really close to my goal) the fact that I could enable a bunch of us to win some money? Hey, I'll play those odds. I'm already in the midst of weight-loss why not try for the prize?

I am somewhat worried though. I had an exchange today which was, albeit funny, I'm concerned that this will be a continuing trend.

Secretary talking to Head Biggest Loser Person: I want to join!
Me: Yay! I've joined too!
Secretary: What do you have to lose, a leg?

See? Yes it's funny but it is the kind of comments that I get that start to eat at me after awhile. I get the same thing when I turn down a treat at work because it contains dairy (of which I can consume NONE of)  lots of side commentary of "THAT must be why you are so skinny." Um, no. I'm more fit because I eat right, treat myself only occasionally and kick my bum exercising and running. Please don't diminish my successes because you feel bad about yourself.

Speaking of running I am progressing quite well for my marathon. I was sick yesterday but did my 5 miles of hill and speedwork in good time today. Tomorrow I'll be heading over to Tempe to run 9 miles on the trail around the lake. Really hilly, no cars. I'm really pushing the hillwork these last few weeks before I taper. I'm up to an 18 mile Sunday this weekend, but 13.1 of those miles will be the half-marathon I'm running. It's the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Series in AZ. So I'll be running those 13, coming home, running five. I might be slightly insane. Ah, well.

Marathon Countdown: 38 Days until the marathon.


  1. I like that you are fit enough now that they cannot comprehend you are losing weight.

    As for the comments, eh. You have nailed why they come to perfection, so don't let it get you down. Ultimately, you are doing so well for YOU, and that is the best reason of all.

  2. I know, right? But our view of fitness is really skewed in this country especially when it comes to BMI. Mine still should be lower, I'm within a healthy range (NOW, not for a while though) but it's toward the higher area I want to be in the healthy range in the lower area.

    I am the best reason, :D