Thursday, December 30, 2010

X-mas in AZ

Things are freezing right now!

I know that New York is under like, 8 ft of snow right now, but I'm still cold.

So there.

Anyhoo, the New year is almost upon us and I'm almost done with my two weeks off (sniffle) so I thought I would random post about a few things going on and then actually get some stuff done around my house (homework, laundry, sewing, scanning).

So, since I was actually home this year and my parents did not rent a house, I decided to decorate a bit for x-mas. Not much mind you, but when I moved down here my mother sent me with a crap ton (an actual measurement I swear!) of boxes filled with holiday cheer. Which I went through and got rid of via a garage sale then a trip to ye ole Goodwill.

So here is my "tree"

It was a tight X-mas money-wise this year so as I was undoing all the decorations I didn't know what I was going to do with all of my ornaments. Then I found this pretty star garland in a bag and knew it would be perfect around my bookshelf. I really liked how it turned out but I probably need to do something different next year. Three of my ornaments bit the dust. One while pulling out a book, another when I was taking them down, and another had death by helicopter (EVAN).

Then we had the decorations on the fireplace.

Before I talk about the nutcrackers I'll talk about the stuff on the bottom mantle below. I have a hand crocheted (not by me) set of carolers next to a light pole. One of my mom's friends made those YEARS ago (I seriously can't remember NOT having them) and I kept them cause they are some of my favorite decorations. Next to them is a sleigh with four reindeer that my dad made ages ago. Love them.

Then we have the Nutcrackers. Only one shelf on top of the mantle. That is it...compared to THIS:

Nutcracker Suite by ~Sarapuu on deviantART

so the insanity has subsided a bit. :)

My parents came and in my parent fashion they spoiled the hell out of the family. Just a short list of things I knew I had gotten even before Christmas morning: Lazy Boy Recliner, Ottoman, a promise to pay for fans to be installed, 15 month gym membership for the two of us,a kinect, Zumba for kinect, and a gift of money which payed for Evan's new laptop. Then all the stuff on X-mas morning.

I really hope the don't do this again next year, it was getting to be obscene. Evan and I felt bad.

I renewed the Netflix subscription for my dad (I got them a player and subscription last year) my dad LOVES the Netflix. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. Then I had gotten my mom an Arizona thing from the Day of the Dead festival. It was cut and artsy. She liked it. Then my brother and I went in together and did family photos. My parents didn't want to be in them but bull on that. We love them and made them.

Here is just the D family of 4. My brother, me, Dad, then Mom.

Then the WHOLE gang. My brother's wife, his step-son, my hub, brother, me. Then in front is my niece, dad, nephew, and mom.

My goodness we are a good looking crew of people!

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