Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am a huge fan of Runaways. No surprise there, it's one of the more popular comic books that have come out within recent years transcending that gender barrier that comics are known to have.

You know that barrier...Boys like Super Heroes, girls like Indie.

And pretty much with the exception of Batman for me (though I do not avidly collect his books) that was me to a T.

Then Runaways happened.

I just reread the first nine trades of that and rekindled my passion for it. Gosh Darn that is a good series.

Runaways Marvel Site Go Here for a quick Synopsis. Though it does not explain the current arc.

I will say that this is a series that there is no character that I don't love. Every single one of these "children" have real personalities...well as real as one can get for having super villain parents and inheritable powers.

I will also say that the pairings of art and story have been topnotch and I was worried about the Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos pairing. I love Terry Moore..I love Humberto Ramos...but Terry Moore had so much on his plate and Humberto Ramos's style is just a little cartoony..I wasn't sure if I could love it. But thankfully I did and the did their story arcs.

According to wiki There are two volumes of books I am this so needs to be rectified. The book is also on hiatus while they were hammering out some new story lines and getting the writer and artist up.

It's an all female team. This should be interesting to say the least!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed that particular iteration of the series - I remember you telling me you weren't sure if you would or not.

    Oooh, I took a look and see that I recognize Kathyrn Immonen as the new writer. She's mostly worked with her husband (good artist!), but I've heard good things about her stuff.