Friday, March 5, 2010

The Annual Gunmetalblack Contest

So, for the past few years I have entered this : Linkage and have had a good run with it. I won a year, got fan prize another year. I got some really neat prizes for it too. Cause Sir Gunmetalblack is an epic artist.

Year I won Grand Prize

Year got Fan Prize

Now the reason I bring up this contest is because, honestly, you can see my work GROW as the years progress. The year that I won I did two entries, so it will be a bit lopsided. But take a gander at the years.


2008 Fan Prize Winner

2007 Entry 1

2007 Entry 2 Grand Prize Winner


Wow, 2006...really? So here come 2010. I am currently working on a sketch for this character, Sea Queen She is turning out exactly how I want her to right now and it's just in the pencils phase. I think I will turn back the clock on media though and try to do something a bit different than my usual computer work. I think I may do colored pencils with some mixed media.

We shall seeee.

1 comment:

  1. I remember what a step forward some of those pics were when you originally did them. The Pirate Red one still impresses me to this day. Just a nice body of work overall!

    Good luck in the contest! I am sure you will dazzle us all again.