Sunday, April 22, 2012

Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle you could have surprised me and NOT rained.
So Connie and I got to Emerald City around 10:30 taking a cab from her friend’s house. We had all of our wares (we had wares this time!) to sell in a suitcase protected from the many elements of Seattle (what am I talking about, one element: RAIN).  We got our badges and set-up shop.
Then we went and got a bowl of delicious delicious pho’ and coffee. It was so cold and rainy while I was there that it is understandable why there is literally a coffee shop on every corner.  I also apparently broke a Seattle taboo and carried an umbrella when it started to rain. I even heard complaints from people around me. I don’t care, it’s raining and I live in Phoenix, I’ll melt.

 Scott Kurtz! of PvPonline Fame

 Gordin McAlpin: Multiplex (SUPER NICE DUDE)

Adam Warren: Illustrator of Empowered

I went around quite a bit on the first day to just enjoy the con, I had a list of several artists that I wanted to see and doggone it, I was going to see them (I also had a list of artists I had already seen and if I had time I would hit them up again).  I did hit up people periodically throughout the show, especially on Sunday since it was the last day.

 Some Doctors and our TARDIS Print

I would say for the most part all of the people I met were awesome . I really admire these folks and what they do and sometimes it can be worrisome to meet your idols and heroes. I wanted to get some stuff from some other web artists that were there but they were a bit too rich for my blood. (I had a budget I needed to stick to, I had a garage sale and all the money I made at the sale was what I was allowed to use for meals and art) and some of the artist were polite but very not interested in talking to their fans. A bit disappointing since one of them I’ve read since I was 10. But polite and I got the stuff I wanted.

I didn’t get a chance to see any of the movie and tv folks they had at the show and I didn’t get to meet Kevin Conroy (SUCH A SAD PANDA) but I do have a story about another person I’ll save for the end (:D).
 Wil Wheaton's Drawing

My Sailor Moon in proximity to Wil Wheaton

Now onto what happened to us for our booth! Our prints were pretty distinct as no one else was doing what we were doing. We had a Dr. Who set and my TARDIS was very popular. The super hero logos, not so much but I think I might have better luck in Phoenix.  I also drew for tips and I had several that I wish I would have taken pictures of  but a short list of things that I was asked to draw and deliver: a few characters that people have created, a few portraits, Delirium, Tesla fighting a steam punk batman, just to name a few. People also brought sketchbooks for artists to draw in, two people had themes. One was “Heroes and Villains” and I drew Sailor Pluto in that one and the second (which was my favorite theme) was the “Cone of Shame” the cone that animals wear to keep themselves from scratching after surgery. I flipped through the book to get ideas (freaked out at all the great artists that were already in it and my drawing is DIRECTLY behind Katie Cook) so I drew Batman wearing the cone of shame saying, “I’m Batman, my parents are dead”  and the guy was truly pleased he laughed quite a bit. Another person brought a scroll of paper and had anyone drawing on it. My drawing is near a person Wil Wheaton drew on it, which boggles my mind a bit. With all the prints we sold, and all the tips from drawings we were able to pay off our table (not our plane tickets) and we were able to place an order for 100 color copies of our comic book, which is super exciting and we will be able to sell it at Phoenix! All the people who came to the table were great and I got lots of compliments on my work and sketches, thank you folks for the giant ego you have given me.

 A girl wanted herself riding a tiger, I obliged.

One Pseudo celebrity sighting, I was walking to get some coffee and I bumped into this chick and guy. I apologized and did a double take, they were walking away and I was like, “I KNOW that person,” but I couldn’t remember from where. Then it hit me about 2 minutes later. It was Erika from Penny Arcade and her new husband.  They must have gone to see Scott Kurtz.

All in All it was pretty successful and fun, I ended up sick as a dog after which my brother said was the true mark of a comic artist.

Now the best for last…ROB PAULSEN. Voice of beloved characters such as Yakko Warner and Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. Connie and I were checking in at the airport and the lady who was taking our luggage told us that there was this guy from the convention who does voices. I look over and I’m like…I think that’s Rob Paulsen… So she takes us over there and sure enough it’s him and he’s on the phone. As big of a fan girl as I am, he’s a person. I’m not gonna bug him. So we stand around for a second and he gets off the phone, I go up to him and quietly ask, “Excuse me, are you Rob Paulsen?” and to which he replies, “Well yes I am and who are you?” We introduce ourselves and we talk to him and he DOES THE VOICES, he starts talking in Yakko’s voice and then switches it to Pinky and I am a giggling fool. He was wearing a Michigan hat (where I’m from) and I ask if he’s a fan. He is from there! Near where I lived too and he still has family there and correctly guessed what my alma mater was.  He was the nicest sweetest guy and I just wish my hair was better in this picture (stupid Seattle weather!).

Thank you Rob Paulsen, you are the voice of my childhood and meeting you was the highlight of my trip. Thank you for being so nice and friendly and not disappointing in the least. I called everyone I knew and told them about my amazing meeting with you. My brother even tweeted you to thank you for being awesome to his sister and you tweeted him back. You are amazing.

So Emerald City thank you for being hospitable (even though your weather is CRAP) and I’ll see you next year apparently!

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  1. That's a great story about Rob Paulsen. It's always nice to have that kind of random awesome encounter.

    I'm glad your con was successful! And yes, I think getting "con crud" is the mark that you have "arrived."