Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hey look a bum! :D Just practicing my life drawing. This woman appears a lot in my book and I love her curves.

Well, I am super sad that Borders Books has declared bankruptcy and is closing 200 stores across the states by April. There are two on the chopping block that are near and dear to my heart so I am a bit crushed at the prospect of losing them.

The first is right near where I currently live. UGH. I liked having a bookstore so close but my area is just dying economy-wise. There's like 4 areas on this stretch of road near here that just have abandoned buildings and this Borders is going to make another one.

The second is back home in MI. My Ann Arbor Borders is closing. That is the one I grew up in essentially and it makes me sad. It's also on the corner of this strip mall thing and I have no idea what they would put in such a huge location.

So nerdy book reader platypus is sad.

In other news...we went and saw Bodyworlds at the Science Center. I had seen it before in Chicago on a vacation and gotten ill. It's PEOPLE, folks. PEOPLE NOT FAKE PLASTIC, PEOPLE.

Anyway I took Evan on Friday and he really enjoyed it and I didn't get sick. We examined the body and all these things and it was really educational and enjoyable. Evan really liked it and that was the important thing, I knew he wanted to see it so I made it happen. Cause I LOVE him. <3


  1. That's a very nice bit of life drawing. I've been really glad to see this aspect of your work turning up here.

    I wondered if you would be talking about Borders, since I know it's close to your heart AND was born in your old home. It doesn't affect me directly, since the only tenuous link I had to it (Waldenbooks) is already gone here. Still, I find it distressing the state of the book trade now. The whole world is changing, but everything isn't really sorted out yet.

  2. Yeah, I didn't think my sketches were good for dA I only want quality stuff up there. But I like the life drawing too much to not post SOMEWHERE.

    Well, I tried to buy books in stores lately but honestly they are too expensive. I bought like 50 bucks worth of books like a month ago, looked up the prices on amazon and so I returned the books and got them for 36 buck with free shipping.

    Why go to a brick and mortar store to pay more when it can be delivered to my house for less money and no gas on my part?