Monday, January 25, 2010

The Creative Grab Bag


with all the vacationing, engagement, moving, fixing up the house we have moved into, and wedding planning, plus work, and getting sick (still am), I come back to the blogging world for a real quick update.

The house is going swimmingly well. We've had a few sagas here and there (dare not mention the Kenmore dishwasher) and lots of paint everywhere, including our dog...things are getting done. Evan and I made a fan for the office. We were so happy when we turned it on and it worked. We hugged and watched it go around and even got Gala in there for a group happy hug.

I will put up some pictures soon, especially of my giant bookshelf. I researched how to decorate a bookshelf and it looks quite arty.

Work is well. I am teaching animation to the majority of my classes right now. It's awesome fun, but I will take a break from that after this and focus on some classic art the kids should learn about.

I am arting right now. I have this book called the creative grab bag and in the back of the book there are cards that you tear out to give you something to make art in. The book itself has what other artists have done using the topics in the cards that the book has. So after reading the book from cover to cover and getting inspired I decided to tear the cards out and finally do the creative grab bag. So I shoved all the cards into a vase we have and had Evan pick me a card after I shook it several times.

"Illustrate Your Consumption"

So I am. I have the pencils done from the other day and I am currently in the process of digitally inking the thing. I really am messing with how I've inked before and hopefully this will work. I m also toying with the idea of doing a photo collage of this as well because it would be utterly ridiculous and awesome.

I also have made a scarf which I think I may try to sell out of yarn using the hand knitting method I learned from my altering t-shirts.

I am also in the process of trying to consign my work at a store. It would be my prints that I did last summer, but if that works I could consign my t-shirt fashions and illustrations as well.

We'll see, I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch.

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  1. That's an interesting idea with the cards! But, I'm all for anything that gets your creative juices flowing. I've missed your work.